Yoga for Text Neck

by | June 23, 2021 | Video, Yoga

Is your smartphone, computer or tablet causing you neck pain? These 10 simple + quick exercise can help!

This short seated session focuses on those areas and no yoga experience is required! Take a break from all your tasks and tend to your body as we release your neck and shoulder tension while opening your chest. You can do this sequence in a chair, on the edge of your couch or on the floor. Use this as many times as you need throughout the day! You deserve it!

Optional prop: Yoga Strap or Towel

1. Look Up, Down….
2. Seated Cat & Cow
3. Tricep Stretch
4. Shoulder Stretch
5. Gomukasana (Cow) Arms
6. Seated Spinal Twist
7. Interlace Hands Behind Back
8. Neck Stretch
9. Arms Overhead Side Stretch
10. Shoulder Rolls

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