How to do Sun Salutation A Yoga Pose

by | August 11, 2020 | Yoga, Video

Sun Salutations are often used as a warmup at the beginning of a yoga practice. But the benefits are far greater than the warmup! Sun Salutations help lengthen and strengthen, and they burn calories to aid weight loss. Research shows that just performing Sun Salutations can improve cardiovascular conditioning, prevent fatigue, promote calm and relaxation and provide a range of mental and physical benefits. Even if you have no time for a full yoga practice, a few rounds of Sun Salutations can do a world of good! From our home to your home, let’s yoga together! ❤️

Surya Namaskara

Proper Form, Modifications, and Common Mistakes

Also Known As: Sun Salutations

Targets: The entire body. Think of this as a warmup!

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Description & History

Surya means the sun and Namaskara is a greeting of honor and respects to the divinity present in each of us. It is here that we set the rhythm and mood for each session of yoga.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Inhale rising both arms up in mountain pose.
  2. Exhale fold forward taking the chest toward the knees as you look toward the toes.
  3. Inhale lengthen the spine as you take your gaze forward.
  4. Exhale step or jump back. Lower down keeping your gaze straight ahead. You may modify by taking the knees down.
  5. Inhale into upward facing dog or cobra.
  6. Exhale as you push the hips up coming into down dog.
  7. Inhale as you either jump or walk the feet forward. Lengthen the spine and take your gaze up.
  8. Exhale fold forward taking the test toward the knees and you gaze toward the toes.
  9. Inhale raising both arms high over the head. Gaze at the thumbs.
  10. Exhale lower your arms in preparation for the next Surya Namasakara.

Remember these Tips & Modifications

  • If five repetitions are too many then choose a comfortable amount to begin with and increase it over time.
  • Be light. Be joyful in the experience and expression of you personal practice.
  • Allow your practice to mature gradually. Be patient and enjoy the journey.
  • Feel free to modify chaturanga by dropping your knees to the floor.
  • If jumping back into chaturanga always make sure you elbows are bent not straight.

Precautions. Use caution if you currently have or have experienced the following

  • Pregnant women should not practice this after the third month of pregnancy.
  • Patients of Hernia and high blood pressure.
  • People suffering from back conditions.

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