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Join us at Jungle Bay Dominica

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2022 Wellness Retreat

Jungle Bay, Dominica

Join us for our 6th wellness retreat on a incredible journey to the intimate, Caribbean island of Dominica with yoga teacher, Nicole Wilt and her husband Heath Wilt, DO, cardiologist! Heath & Nicole visited Dominica in 2011, finding it so beautiful and unique that we always planned on going back to host a yoga retreat to share the adventure of a lifetime with you all. This will be a yoga retreat you will not want to miss!


Jungle Bay Dominica | Pool

Wellness Retreat with
Nicole & Heath

Nicole Wilt, Kansas City Yoga Instructor | ABC's of Health
Heath Wilt, Cardiologist | ABC's of Health

Let’s Go

The package includes optional daily yoga classes, hiking, the beach, cooking class, and lots more. Whether you are a yoga practitioner, love adventure, or just want to get away, we welcome you and your entire family in this retreat for all ages. This will be one amazing trip, and we hope it will hold a special place in your heart as it did for us!

1st Yoga Retreat

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2nd Yoga Retreat

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3rd Yoga Retreat

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4th Yoga Retreat in

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5th Yoga Retreat
Costa Rica

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