Asian Ginger Slaw Recipe

Asian Ginger Slaw Recipe

Need an easy, but healthy, side dish option? This Asian-inspired slaw is satisfying, and pairs well with any light protein, like turkey burgers or tofu stir-fry.  

While the carrots and cucumbers could be diced, we enjoy them as veggie noodles, which is easy to create with a serrated peeler.  Usually, 3-4 large carrots and one large cucumber is enough  to create “noodles” for two people.  2 cups of chopped purple cabbage adds the color and crunch.  

Toss in a bowl, and coat with 2 T extra virgin olive oil and 1 T sesame oil.   Although you could use 3 T of either, we balance the neutral taste and healthier qualities of EVOO with the nutty sesame taste that is essential to this style of cooking.  Add a bit of sweetness with agave, to taste, usually 3-4 T (for reference, 4 T = 1/4 cup).  

Next, balance the sweetness with 1/3 cup rice wine vinegar, and finally top with 1 T of ginger.   Ideally, fresh ginger gives this dish the extra POP, but we are more often than not using the more readily available powdered ginger root. Top with sesame seeds.

As a twist, if you like a more Thai-inspired version, add 2 T of peanut butter powder, juice from one FRESH lime (trust me… there is NO substitution for fresh here), 2 teaspoons fish sauce and a thinly sliced scallion.

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